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Professional Clairvoyance Services

Professional Clairvoyance Services


As an experienced Advisor, I will help you gain clarity on life issues and understand future events.

Check the price list and choose a consultation. My services include:

  • Clairvoyance:

    • Question for One Area of Life or Message: Direct your questions to one area of life (love, work, finance, health, family, future, personal development) or receive a monthly message. Provide your name and surname for an accurate insight.
    • Prediction for 2024: Find out what awaits you in the next 12 months in terms of love, relationships, work, finances, and health. You can ask up to three questions from different areas of life, formulated to give a simple "yes" or "no" answer.
    • Reflection of Your Personality: What Can Be Seen About You? Get information about your present, past, and future without asking questions. Provide your name, and birth date, or send a photo to get a brief description of what I see about you.
    • How to Make the Best Decision? Get help in making important decisions. I will present the pros and cons of each option and suggest the best solution, leaving the final choice to you.
    • Discover Dream Interpretations: If you are looking for a dream interpretation, whether it involves a deceased person or any other type of dream, use my help. Describe your dream, and I will try to interpret it for you, helping you understand its meaning and message.
    • Couple's Horoscope, Partner Compatibility: Understanding mutual personalities and partner compatibility will help find harmony and happiness in the relationship. Provide birth dates and times to find out if you are compatible.
    • Lucky Stones for Zodiac Signs: Discover which stones are assigned to your zodiac sign to bring you luck, success, and prosperity. Provide exact birth information to find the right life stone and lucky stone.
    • Wedding Ring Fortune-Telling: Find out the gender of your first child, when you will get married, how many partners you will have, and what name your future life partner will have. Perform the fortune-telling yourself according to my instructions.
    • 5-Question Session - Yes/No Answers with a Short Description: Ask five questions for which you will receive yes/no answers, along with a short description. Ideal for quick and specific guidance.
  • Tarot Card Readings:

    • One Card Tarot - Reading for Today: One Tarot card offers guidance for the current day, helping you understand what to expect and how to make the most of the upcoming hours.
    • Three Card Tarot - Help in Making a Choice: A reading from three Tarot cards helps in making important decisions. Three-card Tarot spreads support you in making key decisions. Adding a "Tarot Yes or No" session provides clear answers to specific questions, helping you quickly find the best solution.
    • Seven Card Tarot - Reading for a Specific Area of Life: A seven-card Tarot session gives insight into a detailed area of life, such as love, work, or health, providing deeper analysis and forecasts.
    • Celtic Cross - Detailed Tarot Reading for the Next 3 Months: A detailed Tarot reading using the Celtic Cross spread offers an in-depth understanding of what to expect in the next three months. It covers all aspects of life, providing comprehensive guidance.
    • Angel Card Reading: Get messages and guidance from Angel cards, offering spiritual support and encouragement for your life's journey.

If you have questions, contact me via email at or WhatsApp.